Great adventures with Veteran in the immediate vicinity of Bergen

This trip brings us only a few nautical miles north of Bergen. This is still sufficient to get a powerful taste of our impressive Western nature.

We border one of our beautifully restored veteran boats that operated the Vestlandsfjords with passengers and goods before trailers and speedboats took over, and set course for Alverstraumen. The landscape constantly alternates between urban settlements, rugged barrenness and vegetated land.

As we approach the destination, passengers can prepare for a powerful sight: Large, absorbing eddies that occur when the tide cascades like a rushing river through the narrow strait. This is Alverstraumen. Today it is a beautiful sight, but a hundred years ago, with only sails and oars, it was a great challenge for the boats to go upstream. It is not least the many boat parties that have taken place in the mountains.

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