Arnafjord - 12 pax

Superbly restored veteran

During construction in 1936, the boat was named Arnafjord 4, and after completion a short
while Arnafjord 1 until it took over the name Arnafjord at the end of 1937.
Olav Vevik was the name of the boat builder who built Arnafjord. He was from Kvinnherad, but traveled to Arnafjord where he got people to help with the construction. When the boat was finished, they had it towed to the Wichmann engine factory in Bømlo. There they had a two-cylinder "Rubagbord" of 50 hp installed. This engine is still in the boat. This is probably the only engine of this type that is constantly in a boat. M / S Arnafjord was mostly rented out to various wholesalers and department stores in Bergen, and ran along the coast of Western Norway.

Today, the boat is completely restored and available for various types of assignments.

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