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Sustainable travels

When traveling with us you get to experience some amazing nature up close. To make sure we will also be able to provide this in the futureMaritime Tours is working both to better our own actions as well as working to increase the number of eco-friendly options for boats to choose from.

We, therefore, focus to cooperate with companies that help us reach this goal.

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We are an eco-lighthouse company



Certification as an eco-lighthouse is a part of our work in the realm of environmental and social responsibility. We believe our work is valuable and makes a difference, and that it will help our industry prepeare for a better future.

When certified we commit to satisfy all governmental environmental requirements as well as strive to meet our customer's requirements for environmental responsibility. Our work is systematic and we continuously measure our performance to help us improve.

Our environmental friendly boats

Environmental focus

Our goal is to be part of an industry that cares about the environment, both at a local and global level. We, therefore, partner with companies that share this view and is working to change their fleet for the future. Such a process, however, takes time, especially considering the Norwegian industry is pioneering this effort.


Our work

Maritime Tours environmental management system incorporates both internal and external commitments, as well as our EHS system. Our goal is focusing on continuous improvements of our company, both within as well as externally. This is done by striving to learn more about the environment, environmental demands from our suppliers as well as making sure we have a general environmental focus.

Read more about the certification on the eco-lighthouse webpage.