Cornelius Seafood Restaurant

Exotic seafood restaurant just south of Bergen

Seafood Restaurant Corneliusis a popular eatery that serves up to 370 guests in cozy seaside premises.The restaurant specializes in culinary arts with a deep devotion to seafood. The restaurant is idyllically located on an islet that houses 6 different restaurants and outdoor seating. The food is so fresh that it is possible to inspect the tempting ingredients live in troughs on the quay, where the hosts serve welcome drinks and tastings while they tell about the different species.The location and atmosphere of Cornelius is simply enchanting, and when the restaurant is also located on an island that can only be reached by boat, the perfect charge for a culinary art experience is guaranteed!


Adding meetings or conferences to Cornelius can also be highly recommended. Cornelius has conference rooms for both large and small groups, and has available all desirable video, video and audio equipment for conference use.

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Cornelius is idyllically located by the sea.