Important information regarding COVID-19

Due to the current situation, Maritime Tours has decided to reduce its daily operations. Although this is something that affects our business to a large extent, we need to prioritize our public health and protect the groups at risk in our community. Since many of our events involve larger crowds gathered in small places our wish is that these events are to be postponed due to the risk of infection.

We encourage all our customers to take the necessary precautions recommended by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and stay updated on the advice and regulations issued on HelseNorge's webpages.

We are still accepting bookings

Although the situation we face requires drastic measures, we also expect to return to our normal lives shortly. We therefore wish to emphasize that we will continue to accept orders, especially for rest of the year, and that we are also able to assist you to make alternative plans for your event. Those who wish to change the date of their event should contact us, so that we can find a solution.

Reduced cancellation deadline

Due to this extraordinary situation, we are reducing our deadline for cancellation to10 days. This is to assist you, our customers, in this critical moment. We do not want our terms and conditions to be a factor in you choosing to host an event, but at the same time ask kindly for your understanding that we also have cancellation deadlines we must maintain.

Reduced availability

Due to this situation, we have unfortunately needed to reduce our office hours. We, therefore, ask that all communication is by e-mail to so that we can assist you in the best and most effective way possible (Alternatively, we can also be contacted on mobile : (+47) 416 89 866 – Home office).

We take precautions

If you still need to hold your event we will be of assistance to ensure that this is done in a proper and safe manner. Options, for example, could be to use more boats to help reduce the risk of infection.

We encourage everyone to follow the authorities advice and show solidarity in this difficult time. We ask you to take care of each other and show consideration for the weak in our society.

Important information regarding COVID-19
Covid-19 notice of Markus Spiske on Unsplash