Future of the Fjords- 400 pax

Future of the Fjords's sister ship Vision of the Fjords and builds on the experience from there. The boat is the first of its kind with heleletrisk operation. In addition to being very environmentally friendly, the boat is also designed in such a way that it is very comfortable and suitable for sightseeing, Also for wheelchair users.


Future of the Fjords is a pioneer of environmentally friendly maritime transport. The boat is like most other boats we offer built in carbon fiber. This allows the boat is considerably easier than if it had been built in aluminum. Because of this weight reduction is emissions up to 40 % lower than if the boat had been built in aluminum.

In addition, the boat is completely battery powered. This allows the boat is not only silent, but also emission-free. In addition to saving the world and locally for emissions will also lessons of this boat will be used to make fast market greener.


Future of the Fjords is a boat where passengers are in focus. The boat is built for sightseeing in Nærøyfjorden, and is certainly not like other speedboats. The design of the boat is inspired by the Opera in Oslo and was designed makes it extra space to enjoy the view outside. Because the speed is 16 knots, it is possible to furnish your boat with a lot more passenger-friendly design with large lounges. The boat is also built with extra large windows suitable for sightseeing.

Future of the Fjords- 400 pax