Exclusive conference in Hardanger

We will take you into the fjords of the most idyllic and exclusive conference that exists on the west coast!

Tucked away in Hardangeris a unique course- and conference center where the old meets the new. In the crosspoint between old, authentic surroundings and state of the art facilities can be found west country's most exclusive and idyllic meeting. Here the emphasis is on creating a western environment as it was before the times. The many old houses that have been moved to the place, is innredd with antiques, but also contains all of today's comfort.

This is a cluster composed of 20 vestlandshus in various sizes, all originally from 1600 to 1870. The houses are restored in the old style and building techniques, and all are equipped with bathroom and toilet. Overall it 71 beds in 37 rom. The courtyard is idyllically

Conference and meeting rooms maintain a high standard and is located in a conference building with two meeting rooms. A capacity to around 70 people and a capacity around 20 people. High standard AV equipment and otherwise good facilities allows one to get optimal educational benefit and a comfortable meeting room experience. This building can also be used as a reception room. Dining room and kitchen is located in a large barn and has its very special atmosphere. There is also a fully licensed bar.

Down at the dock is a boat which is also upgraded. This has long table in the basement, meeting room facilities and accommodation. In the summer there is a barbecue at the pier in the beautiful and maritime environments.

Here the focus is on giving the guest a different experience. The atmosphere should be reflected in great Hardanger Nature, pleasant atmosphere, unique facilities and culinary highlight.

Do you want to relax and get peace in the body before a 3 course dinner? 
On a rocky outcrop overlooking the bay is placed three wood-fired hot tubs of the good old fashioned methods. If you wish to use them, they are prepared in advance. This is a very popular activity both before and after dinner. Here you can relax and enjoy a fresh glass and be one with fjords and mountains! 

Adjacent is also a sauna which can be used. This is a natural stop for a refreshing swim in the fjord or tubs.

The chefs Øyvind and Tina Boasting many years of experience from prestigious restaurants in the- and abroad. They have over the years built up a professional and idiosyncratic approach to cook art.

In essence, the focus is on local and local food in season. With roots in the traditions used local ingredients in a modern way. From sea and land becomes menu put together on the basis of the best season has to offer. This creates a dynamic and vibrant kitchen where there is a constant quest for the best ingredients district has to offer.

Your group has the whole place to themselves, and it opens only on request.

Exclusive conference in Hardanger