Levang - 62 pax

Norway's smallest - and most festive - car ferry

One can not exactly blame the person who contracted MF Levang for being foresighted: With a capacity of one car, it is by far Norway's smallest car ferry. Naturally, it no longer operates with commercial crossings, but thanks to enthusiastic owners, it has been completely renovated - and has started a new and better life as a pleasure craft.

Levang is a fun and popular boat that is perfect for those who want a special twist on the company. Inside, Levang invites to cozy moments, while a large outdoor deck sets the table for dancing on mild summer evenings. It is unsurpassed for blue trips, company parties, family days, sightseeing, beach trips and fjord trips. Levang is also sought after for fishing trips.

Recommended number of people on board Levang is from 15 to approx. 40 people.

The history of the boat:

Mf Levang was built by E.M. Moen & Sønner boat building in Risør in 1949. The main engine was Moss diesel two-stroke, the slant is oak on a pine frame, the skin is ice-reinforced with copper plates. The main engine was changed in 1963 to a new Moss diesel 6-cylinder V engine of 180 HP.

MF Levang was delivered to Kragerø fjord boat company in 1949, and went on schedule in Kragerøskjærgården. MF Levang has had a number of rebuilds. Originally she was built with deckhouses on both sides, 1949-1961, 1961-1999 there were no deckhouses on the port side. In 1999, a deckhouse was built and since then a roof was built between the deckhouse and the wheelhouse. The wheelhouse has changed a bit, it was done in the 1970s. In 1983, the bow was rebuilt to be better adapted to the ferry hatches in the Kragerø archipelago. At the same time, the deck and gates were replaced.

MF Levang was bought by Trygve Langholmen in the autumn of 1985. Levang was then in pretty good condition, but lacked some maintenance, among other things, the steel superstructure was sandblasted, and the boat deck was sandblasted and metallized. The main deck was plastered and a new night mass was replaced.

After eight years, Levang was certified in 1994 by the ship control for passenger traffic, touring and blue tours in the area around Bergen.

New radar installed in the summer of 1996. Emergency power unit for 220 V, as well as echo sounder, chart plotter and GPS installed in the spring of 1997. Bar was built in the salon in the winter of 2000 to adapt the boat to blue trips and other festivities.

The tire has been refurbished again, and the night mass was replaced in 2004.

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