Lindas sluices

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For thousands of years, the traffic route from Bergen and northwards, through Alverstraumen, Lurefjorden and the "straumane" has been a very important part of the traffic route along the Norwegian coast. The many currents could be difficult to force with smaller vessels and it was not harmless either, but often the trail was a good alternative to travel outside Austrheim and Radøy.

The area is perhaps the first press area in Norway in that there are traces of 3000 years of continuous settlement from the Stone Age. Many cultural monuments can also be found from the Bronze Age and the Viking Age. The inner fairway was often the last stage for the Nordland projects in the sailing boat era - especially when the weather was not so good.

When the steamboats took over the fjords at the end of the 19th century, the fairway was marked with lighthouses. In order for the fjord boats to be able to get all the way to Lindåsbygdene, the very rough currents between Lurefjorden and Lindåsosene were tamed with sea locks. The locks were completed in 1908 and were in operation until 1963. Since then, the lock system has remained untouched.

The Lindås locks have now been restored so that they can be used again. The work is both a national 2000-year project and a 100-year project for the sea locks.

Lindås sea locks, together with the inner fairway through Nordhordland is a beautiful and exciting destination!

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