“Villa Lysøen” - Ole Bull's home in idyllic surroundings

Ole Bull was one of the most colorful personalities of romance, as famous as Paganini and a beloved composer. Through Lysøen you also get an insight into his eccentric sides. He had a fantastic Arab-Moorish style built with arches, embellishments and a tower with an onion dome that makes it worthy of the name "Little Alhambra" - Ole Bull's adventurous Lysøen.

On his 700-acre island, he had roads and ponds built, gazebos and flagpoles erected, and exotic trees and plants planted into the native pine forest. The descendants have protected the property, and pietistic and faithful employees have cared for the landscape for generations. In 1974, Ole Bull's grandson, Sylvea Bull Curtis, donated Lysøen to the Past Memory Association, and the property was opened to the public the same year.

Boat trip to Lysøen with a guided tour that is perfect as an activity if, for example, you have a conference in Bergen.

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