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Join an unforgettable Dinner Cruise to Bekkjarvik by speedboat and a unique dining experience at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri. Gold medal winner of the Bocuse d’Or 2015 - the world championship in culinary art, Ørjan Johannesen welcomes you to his family-run restaurant.

Just South of Bergen there is an amazing landscape with hundreds of small islands and beautiful fjords. On this tour you are able to experience the best Norway has to offer. We take you on a boat trip all the way from the historic fish-market in Bergen, through the beautiful fjords and coast to an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant at the Bekkjarvik Guesthouse is known for its use of fresh and local ingredients - with the ability to source its ingredients from the immediate area be it seafood, vegetables, or various meats. It is because of this focus on local high-quality ingredients, combined with the skills of the chefs the restaurant is ranked in the "White Guide - The Best Restaurants in the Nordic"

On this tour, you will be able to experience the best of food, nature, and culture Bergen has to offer. From the fish-market in the city center, or from Flesland Quay, and back, we know you will have an amazing experience.

Experience fantastic local food with the world champion in Culinary Arts 2015!

At the guesthouse at Bekkjarvik, local ingredients have been used to serve amazing food since the 17th century. The ingredients are still of the same high quality, but the chefs are constantly working to find new better ways to prepare them, so the menu is constantly evolving.

The guesthouse is family-run, and the head chefs, the twin brothers Ørjan and Arnt, grew up loving working in the kitchen. Their skills have earned them both prestigious awards, and they now work to put together a four-course menu based on the best ingredients of the season. It is precisely for their focus on local quality ingredients the restaurant is ranked in the "White Guide - The best restaurants in the Nordics".

Ørjan Johannesen

Arnt Johannesen

Fjord cruise

The trip from Bergen to Bekkjarvik creates the perfect atmosphere for the evening. We take you through breathtaking coast and fjord landscapes from Bergen city center to Bekkjarvik with the modern and comfortable MS RYGERTROLL.

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Adults: 1950 kr
Children (4-12 years): 975 kr
Barn (0-3): free

Minimum 20 people for the trip to go.

Welcome drink
Four-course menu

6 hours
18:00 – 23:30

Thursday and Friday

Larger groups can contact us to investigate the possibility of an extraordinary departure.


Bergen city center

Flesland quay on request


An unforgettable evening


Departure from Bergen

We meet at Zachariasbryggen right by the fish-market in the city centre. When you get on board you will be served a welcome drink and you are able to relax in the comfortable salon or enjoy the amazing views of Bryggen and the amazing fjords from the top deck. The scene for the evening is now set, and we start the journey towards Bekkjarvik.

Through the fantastic coast and fjords, you will experience the beautiful nature of western Norway with islands, waterways, fjords and high mountains on the horizon. You are able to appreciate the scenery to its max potential thanks to the modern comfortable boat.


Arrival at Bekkjarvik

After a pleasant journey through the fjords, we arrive at Bekkjarvik. From the archipelago of Austevoll, the locals have been fishing for centuries. With proximity to the sea, local food traditions have formed, making possible this unique dining experience. The next moments are prepared by award winning chefs who will do their utmost to provide an unforgettable evening!



Upon arrival at the guest house, a tasty aperitif is served to set the tone for the evening. We all gather outside, or where the weather allows it, to have the chef talk about the ingredients, how the food is prepared and his idea behind the menu.

There will also be some time to relax or explore the guest house before being invited to a table.


4-course menu

Together with the team in the kitchen, Arnt and Ørjan have created a menu for you with only one goal: To provide a dining experience that you will not forget!

The nature around Bekkjarvik is generous. Various fish species, shells and shellfish are harvested here. On the beautiful heather moors and in the forest, wild sheep and deer graze and wild spring onions and herbs are collected.

Based on this fantastic starting point, you will be served a four-course custom menu that will offer many exciting flavors.


Evening cruise

After a successful evening, it's time to head back to Bergen. Happy and cheerful, we board the boat. The evening sun creates the mood for an exquisite end to the evening.

It is also possible to purchase additional drinks on the journey back.


Arrival Bergen

After a wonderful evening, you will see Bergen shining towards you as we enter the harbor. The wooden houses on the mountainside, Bergenhus Fortress, the World Heritage Site Bryggen, and the 7 mountains that surround the city welcome you. Nothing beats the sight of Bergen from the seaside!

Welcome back!

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If desired, we can stop at Flesland quay either one or both ways. Expected departure from Flesland quay is 18:25, while expected arrival is 23:10. Of course we also serve welcome drinks to you who choose to travel from Flesland. For calls to / from Flesland quay, please contact us by email; office@maritimetours.no, to make an appointment.

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