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What are Maritime Tours and what services do we offer?

About Maritime Tours

In short, Maritime Tours is a player that stocks for maritime events. The customers who come to us are mainly companies that want a boat trip either in connection with utility and transport or simply those who want a pleasant trip at sea. We offer boat charters in Bergen, but also all over western Norway. Although most people may contact us only to rent a boat in Bergen, we often also arrange everything around an event. For example, food, entertainment, bus and other transportation needed to get a complete event.

On these websites you will find an extensive fleet. What it amounts to in feet and depth and gross register tons is now a thing. What matters is the adventurous freedom of choice we have gathered here. It is a freedom of choice that spans between all extremes when it comes to the vessels' construction, construction style, propulsion principle, materials and comfort.

From magnificent sailing ships and veteran boats to modern catamarans and luxury motor yachts. We are helpful in putting together a tailor-made program so that you can meet all reasonable requirements for space, dining and entertainment, accommodation and entertainment for you and your guests, and you can in principle choose goals and duration yourself.

For those who have never been allowed to explore one of our nearby, beautiful fjords, the experience will only take hold when the fjord is conquered on its own element. On it, do not know it. For it is only when you see it from a boat deck - the middle fjord with the mountains towering up on each side - it is only then that the fjord's unspeakable peculiarity comes to one.

So do not hesitate to contact us, no assignment is too small and nothing too big!

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