Pirate cruise with the captain of Galeasen Loyal


Tickets are ordered via TicketCo

Larger groups can contact us directly.

Adults: 500 kr
Children (0-15 years): 300 kr

NB: We recommend that children below 12 year has its own life jacket that is used throughout the trip.

Pirate cruise with the captain of the city fjord

3 hours
10:00 – 13:00

13. July – 15. august

Bergen city center


Food service

Treasure hunt

treasure Hunt

The captain and his crew have hijacked the ship to plunder Fjordgreven's treasure chest. Enjoy a relaxing cruise on the city fjord, or join back to the time of the pirates, and help the captain find the treasure.

Guided tour on board with the Captain

The captain starts the trip by making sure that the crew is signed on and familiar with Galeasen. Here he also tells his robbery stories about his time in the Caribbean.

Solve the pirate bus

The captain needs the on - board crew to perform their duties on board. He has therefore made a pirate bus for the cadets to solve. Rumor has it that the seven seas are rewarded with ice cream.

Sing pirate songs with the captain

The captain is known for his funny songs and beautiful singing voice on board. Join the captain, and learn to sing his pirate song.

pirate Feed

During the trip, there will be a light meal for the crew on board.

Sausages are served to the children and storm soup to the adults. It will also be possible to buy drinks and snacks in the boat's kiosk.

The treasure of the Fjord Count

The captain tells about the treasure of the Fjord Count and the story behind it. He then takes all the cadets on a treasure hunt.

We share the tax

After a successful voyage, we divide the treasure into real pirates, and thanks for a successful cruise in the Port of Bergen.


We take you from Bradbenken by Bryggen in the center of Bergen on an unforgettable cruise with the captain of Byfjorden in Bergen. The wind in the sails determines the route, but we promise beautiful nature and good experiences. Sausages are served to the children, and storm soup for the adults.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

To book the trip, click on our link to TicketCo and order tickets from there. It is also possible to buy tickets on the boat, but there are many pirates who want to join and due. COVID-19 we have a limited number of places. Consequently, it may therefore be full.

The boat leaves Bradbenken, right by the Statsraaden reception & Bar. We recommend attendance 15 minutes before departure.  

We facilitate as best we can for wheelchair users. Nevertheless, this is an old boat without a universal design, something that will dampen the experience somewhat.

There is limited space on board, and to ensure the experience, we ask you not to bring a pram.

There are of course toilets on board for both large and small.

We ensure that infection control is taken into account mtp. FHI's advice.

There is sufficient rescue equipment on board that is used in the event of an emergency. For the children's own safety, we still want children up to and including 12 years wear a life jacket throughout the trip.

Contact us, then we will find a solution.