Skjærgårdsfisk Visningssenter

Skjærgårdsfisk Visningssenter is a visitors center for farmed salmon. Here you get the opportunity to have a close experience with the salmon and the farms. Through a dive into the salmon's entire life cycle, from roe to the store shelf, you get a total insight into how salmon is farmed. You also gain insight into today's challenges and how to work to solve them.

Trip to the facility

A standard display system usually consists of three parts. It all starts with a RIB trip out to the farm facility. You will be able to walk on the edge of the facility and experience the salmon up close.

Part two of the program is a review of the exhibition at the center. Here you are guided through the industry's history and today's farming through digital visuals and knowledgeble people.

The last part of the program is a serving of grilled salmon with some sides.

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