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We arrange this year's summer party

When your employees deserve to be rewarded for hard work, they deserve the best. We make sure that the party suits you and that you are taken care of from A to Z.

A maritime event can be sewn together in different ways:

A simple and good solution is to use a veteran boat that can tackle slowly on the city fjord while you and your colleagues enjoy themselves on board with food and drink. Entertainment can be your own music or we can arrange different solutions depending on your wishes and budget. If you want a little beach hog, or maybe a fishing competition along the way, we also include this in the itinerary.

In the skerries and fjords around Bergen, there are many great places to eat. Do you want to experience that of these we make an exciting package according to their wishes with transport, activities, food and entertainment.

Such a more comprehensive trip starts by picking you up by bus at the workplace that runs to the nearest quay. Here awaits a comfortable speedboat that will take you on a wonderful trip between islets and reefs. On board you can get something easy to eat in addition to some sparkling drops in the glass!

Upon arrival at the selected restaurant we can have some activities. Here, for example, sea rafting with RIB boats is a very popular experience. We can then have several boats ready and these adapt the trips completely at the request of those on board. The most eager group can go to sea, while those who want it calmer can experience nature between islets and reefs in a unique way. RIB tours are for everyone!

After a nice experience at sea, you go to the table. The possibilities here are many, but with a maritime feel to the trip, it fits well with a Sea table and preferably in combination with barbecue food. Then it is very often full stomachs and big smiles! 🙂
The evening continues throughout with live music before we head back to town. Either you can spend the whole evening out in the periphery or we can adapt the arrival in Bergen Center, for example around midnight. Then the most eager can continue the party, while the others can get home via public transport.

Do you want to take it out completely we can create a very exciting program with accommodation, activities during the day and gala dinner in the evening. Here, for example, the trip can go to the fjords for summer skiing and glacier hiking or to the coast for fishing and sea experiences.

No matter how much you want to put into such an event, we will be able to create a good solution tailored to your taste.

NOTE! Because of. that both in 2018 and in 2019 we had a very large influx early in the year, considering blue trips, it pays to be out early if you want to go on a trip on the most popular days.

Contact us to plan a tailor-made event that you will not forget.

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