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M / S Sunnhordland - Escort ships, liner ships and hotel ships

MS Sunnhordland was one of six PCE ships that were converted for Norwegian shipping companies into passenger boats after World War II. There was a great need for these before roads and tunnels took over most of the infrastructure along the coast. After a lot of rich history, the ship is today a well-restored hotel ship, and a veteran boat based in western Norway. Contact us if you want help arranging your trip with the ship.

Boat facilities

MS Sunnhordland is a large boat with a total of four decks. She was newly restored in 2016. Outdoors, there is good capacity on the top and bottom deck. At the front of the ship there is a large lounge with seating for 125 guests. Aft there is also a large lounge that seats 100 people with bar, seating areas, dance floor and stage.

There is also a dining room on board that seats 48 people. It is also possible to stay in the Men's and Women's salons, which are two smaller salons with room for 12 people.

Hotel Ship

With its 78 beds in 37 cabins, it is possible to use Sunnhordland as a hotel ship. This fits perfectly, whether it is accommodation between destinations or you need hotel capacity to the quay. The cabins, shown in the photo carousel above, have toilets and showers are distributed as follows:

      • 4 pcs - Simple
      • 17 pcs - Double
      • 4 pcs - Triple
      • 2 pcs - 4 rooms
      • 3 pcs - Couple room with double bed
      • 7 pcs - Nostalgia (Original design, toilet and shower are therefore common in the hallway)

Technical information

  • Length: 177.0 pic
  • Width: 33.1 pic
  • Depth: 9.1 Fig
  • Main machine: 2x 8cyl. 4T DM (Caterpillar Inc., Peoria IL)
  • Performance: 1735 bhk
    Tonnage: 795 brt

Past name

  • 1943-1943 USS PCE
  • 1943-1946 HMS Kilchrenan
    1946-1949 USS Kilchrenan
    1949-1974 MS Sunnhordland
    1974-2010 MS Kristina Brahe
    2010-2016 Ms brahe
  • 2016-today MS Sunnhordland

The boat's history


The War Years: From Chicago to England

PCE-830 was part of the PCE-842 class of patrol vessels designed and built in Chicago, USA. The boat was transferred to the British Navy under loan and rental law and was renamed HMS Kilchrenan. She got her home port in Gibraltar, and worked as an escort vessel and submarine fighter.

PCE on the crossing between the United States and Bermuda
A better picture of the sister ship USS PCE-872


Returned to the United States

After the war, she was returned to the United States and was given the name USS Kilchrenan. The USA now had many surplus boats, and due to a shortage of steel in the post-war period, new construction in Norway was out of the question. Six of these boats were therefore bought to Norway for the conversion of passenger boats. The price for Kilchrenan was 340,000 kroner. Crew from HSD, led by helmsman Johan Fleten and 1st engineer Wilhelm Wasmuth prepared and picked up the boat in Sheerness outside London, and on December 22, 1947, the boat arrived in Bergen.


Conversion to passenger boat

The work with the conversion to a passenger boat was carried out by Bergen Mechanical Workshops, Laksevåg department. The extensive rebuilding started in the late summer of 1948 and already on June 20, 1949, MS Sunnhordland went on a technical test. The original engines, General Motors at a total of 1800 horsepower gave Sunnhordland a speed of 16 knots. On 22 and 23 June, there was a presentation trip to Hardanger with Captain Martin Olsen on the bridge.


MS Sunnhordland: A new era

In June 1949, Sunnhordland was ready for speed. With room for 13 cars, 600 passengers and other goods, Sunnhordland got a fixed route from Bergen to Skånevik with a return the next morning. For 24 years, this route was the main road between the city and the surrounding area and was used diligently in both business and the private sector.

HSD had established Sunnhordland Snøggruter already in 1928. Until 1947, DS Stord had followed the route, but after the war there was a need for larger tonnage. With 996 gross tons and a certificate of 681 passengers, it was at that time the country's largest local scheduled boat.



In 1960, MS "Sunnhordland" was involved in an accident that could easily become serious. On a trip from Ølen to Etne on 22 December 1960, the boat went straight into the mountain wall at Kamparholmen lantern at the entrance to the Etnefjord. There were a number of injuries and "Sunnhordland" received a number of injuries in the bow. But there were no leaks, and the boat continued on the route to Bergen. In the newspaper Hardanger you could read that Sunnhordland had come to Bergen, only an hour late.


Return to Norway

In 2016, HSD Sunnhordland AS was founded with the main purpose of buying and operating MS Sunnhordland. The vessel had its home port at Stord. Before the journey home, the boat was restored to the way it was when it went on a route like MS Sunnhordland. On November 3, 2016, she was able to return to Western Norway under the Norwegian flag and old name.


New time as a veteran boat

MS Sunnhordland currently functions as a living museum, veteran ship and hotel ship. It casts an exclusive authentic aura over your event.

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