Svanhild – 37 pax

Sail away!

It is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to sail, on board the beautiful 125-year-old two-masted yacht Svanhild.
Svanhild was built at Stangvik in Surnadal in 1889, Skuta is a floating national cultural monument, but gives modern people challenges and great experiences. A cruise with Svanhild is an experience for body and soul, where community and individual challenges provide unique development opportunities for the individual and group .

Svanhild has a capacity for a total of 37 fellow sailors on board local shipping & 20 fellow sailors in European speed. There is 30 seats for dining under the deck in 2 lounges.

The history of the sailing ship:

Svanhild was built in 1889 at Nordvik in Surnadal on Nordmøre. Designer Jon Børve and builder Jo Sjøtrø. The boat was built for the brothers Ola and Johan Drøpping.

The schooner was restored at Hardanger Vessel Protection Center in the period 1991 to 1997. Most of the hull was then replaced. The hull and interior are now as they were in 1889, the rig as it was around 1925 (galeas rig).

New seals are sewn in linen by sailmaker Brodersen in Lyngør. There are now 2 engines type Perkins SABER installed in Svanhild. There are 182 HP left. Length of hull o.a. 76 feet + bowsprit. Width 21 feet. Depth 8 feet. Tonnage approx. 120 tons. Building material pine. Original rig: fork rig hunting with a pole mast. Mainsail (140 square meters), topsail, jib, splitter, hunter, mainsail, glacier jib. Total sailing area was about 400 square meters.

Svanhild was rigged to galea around 1925. The sailing area was then somewhat smaller. The first engine, a 50 Hp Wickmann, was installed in 1936.

1889 - "Svanhild" is built as a Hardanger hunt (with a mast) in Stangvik, near Surnadal on Nord-Møre. Designer: Jon Børve. Boat builder: Jo Sjøtrø.
1926 - The vessel is re-rigged to galeas, ie gets two masts.
1936 - Dismantling of the main rig and installation of a 50 Hp Wickmann engine.
1964 - "Svanhild" grounding and sinking at Tautra in Trondheimsfjorden. Raise and put into operation again.
1975 - "Svanhild" makes her last trip as a freighter and is put into storage. Two private individuals in Kristiansund later buy the boat for return to sailing vessels.
Easter 1983 - Nine people from Florø with Oddbjørn Hovland and Berit Kjeldsberg in the lead took over "Svanhild" and Haugesund hosted a new home port. Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane and the Coastal Museum in Sogn og Fjordane also join as co-owners.
In the spring of 1985 - "Svanhild" gets home port Florø and a cooperative takes over the boat. Restoration for sailing vessels.
1985-88 - Earth sailing.
1989 - "Svanhild" participated in the filming of Hamsun's novel Landstrykere. The boat celebrates its 100th anniversary.
1991 - Release at Hardanger Vessel Protection Center in Norheimsund for restoration in collaboration with the National Heritage Board.
Autumn 94 - Topic for new masts hosted by Frønningen in Indre Sogn.
June 1995 - Establishment of the Svanhild Foundation. The cooperative transfers the boat to the foundation.
1995 - The Friends of Svanhild are established to create an active environment for the preservation and use of "Svanhild".
September 1995 - "Svanhild" to Norheimsund for completion of the restoration work.
Spring 1997 - The carpentry work on "Svanhild" is finished. The ship was towed to Florø and moored at Furuholmen.
Spring 2000 - Grandmast erected.
2001 - Most of the restoration is completed.
Dec 2001 - The National Heritage Board gave "Svanhild" status as a ship worthy of protection.
Nov 2003 - Installation of two Perkins SABER engines (at 182 HP) completed. "Svanhild" runs her own machine for the first time in 12 years.
Summer 2004 - The vessel has an intermediate speed certificate and goes about 15 short trips. "Svanhild" sails for the first time in many years for her own canvas.
April 2005 - "Svanhild" receives a speed certificate as a training vessel on 26 April.
June 2005 - Participation in clipfish festival in Bergen. This is the first longer trip as a newly restored vessel.

Facts about hunting galeas "Svanhild" Year of construction: 1889

  • Construction site: Stangvik, Surnadal on Nordmøre
  • ? Designer: Jon Børve
  • Boat builder: Jo Sjøtrø?
  • Building material: Pine?
  • Length: 76 feet + bowsprit
  • Expanded: 21 phot. Djupne: 8 phot
  • Tonnage: 57 gross registered tonnes
  • Engines: Two Perkins SABER, at 182 HP
  • Owner: Stiftinga Svanhild, Florø
  • Reiar: The Coastal Museum in Sogn og Fjordane
  • Rig: Original fork rig hunting with a pole mast. Mainsail (140 square meters), topsail, jib, splitter, jager, mainsail, jib. Svanhild was converted into a galley in 1926. The sailing area was then somewhat smaller. Total sailing area is about 400 square meters. ??

The first engine, a 50 Hp Wickmann, was installed in 1936.?

Shipping along the coast until 1976, then rigged and used as a pleasure boat. Earth sailing 1985 - 1988.

In Stiftinga Svanhild say Eige from 1995.

The boat is now about the same as in 1889, the rig as it was in the period 1926-1936 (galeas rig).

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