Villa Vestre

On an islet outside Bjorøy is Villa Vestre which offers an experience you will not forget. In addition to the idyllic location on an islet outside Borøy, this is a destination that has the dining experience in the center. Here you have a large property of 32 acres for sale yourself, and as in the old days it is only possible to arrive by boat (or helicopter).

The history of Villa Vestre

The property was bought by Severin Bjorøen around 1900 and the villa he built was completed in 1923. The family ran a farm and fished. Herring fishing had its heyday at this time, something that the villa was characterized by, with exclusive material choices such as teak and Moroccan tiles. At most, three families lived in the villa, a total of 12 people. In other words, it was both crowded and a lot of activity on Vestre at this time.


The villa has six bedrooms with 16 fixed beds. The house is newly renovated, but has retained the cozy old style and atmosphere. There is also a large kitchen and dining room in the villa where one can enjoy good local food. If you want a more rustic experience, it is also possible to eat in the boathouse.

From the fjord to your mouth

The hosts at Villa Vestre focus on giving you a completely different experience. Here you use the best local ingredients such as scallops, oysters, crab and crayfish. Before the food is prepared, you participate in collecting tank and kelp, beach snails, shells and beach crabs, which are also part of the menu. You make the meal together, on a fire in the quay stones. The food is adapted to the season, the participants and what you find. No two meals are alike, but their iconic shellfish soup is always a regular feature on the menu.

Other activities

There are many opportunities in the western archipelago. The local hosts have a good knowledge of the areas, and activities that can be recommended are kayaking, fishing, diving, RIB trip or maybe just enjoy the idyll. What is certain is that they will find an activity that suits you.

At Villa Vestre you can have events and arrangements, tailored to your wishes. The place is perfect for small private trips and larger events. You can choose to rent the boathouse and / or the entire property and the villa.

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