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Rygerdronningen – 297 pax

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The Rygerdorningen is the newest boat for the shipping company Rødne. It carries tourists daily in the Lysefjorden outside Stavanger.

Environmentally friendly

The Ryger Queen is, like most of the other boats we offer, built in carbon fibre. This means that the boat is significantly lighter than if it had been built in aluminium. Due to this weight reduction, emissions are up to 40% lower than if the boat had been built in aluminium.


Rygerdorningen is a boat where the passengers are the focus. The boat is mainly built for sightseeing in the Lysefjord, and is therefore not like other speedboats. Because the speed is limited to 19.9 knots, it is possible to furnish the boat with a much more passenger-friendly design with large saloons. The boat is also built with extra large windows suitable for sightseeing, and a top deck with plenty of space to enjoy the view.


The smoking queen is suitable for most assignments for groups of up to 297 people. The boat has:

  • Universal design with HC toilet and gangway for boarding
  • Large kiosk and the possibility of serving food and drink
  • Top deck with plenty of space
  • TV screens with the possibility of media presentation
  • Gangways at the front and on the sides at the back

Get in touch with us so that we can arrange your trip with the Rygerdorningen.

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